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Components Icons

June 11, 2016 0 comments

These icons were created for an upcoming product that we have been creating at Gruvi.

I am getting more and more comfortable to use Sketch as a main tool also for icons, instead of Illustrator.

Tagging Interaction

April 5, 2016 0 comments

In the last post I used a tagging interaction as an example to show a prototype using Adobe XD.

Here it is the first design version of the interface and an animation showing how the interaction works.

Tagging - Interface

Tagging – Interface

Tagging - Stylesheet

Tagging – Stylesheet

Adobe XD

Adobe Experience Design

March 30, 2016 0 comments


In November last year I was selected to join Adobe’s pre-release program, which gave me access to test the earlier builds of Adobe Experience Design (or Adobe XD), by that time called Project Comet. With this new tool, Adobe promises to improve the UX workflow by combining design, prototyping and sharing features all in the same software.

My current workflow consists in designing wireframes and interfaces in Sketch and prototyping, using InVision or even Pixate if there is a need for  more refined interactions. The last project I was working on was a tagging system, and I decided to give Adobe XD a try on the prototyping phase.

In this current release it’s quite difficult to design refined interfaces from scratch using Adobe XD, the main reason it’s because there is no layers support yet. In my project, I had already the wireframes created in Sketch.

It’s quite easy to import artboards from Sketch to Adobe XD: you just have to make the output artboard exportable as SVG, then drag the artboard layer into Adobe XD.

Importing Sketch into Adobe XD

Importing Sketch into Adobe XD


The prototype flow it’s really easy and straight forward. You make the link between the screens with nodes. What I liked the most so far it’s the sharing feature. Adobe XD has a share button to create a link to your prototype, which is stored in the Creative Cloud. Furthermore, it’s possible to record a .mov compressed file while you interact with the prototype.

Linking artboards and sharing

Linking artboards and sharing


Unfortunately it’s still not possible to create hover interactions, neither to display hotspot hinting, like in InVision. Clients using the prototype won’t know exactly where to start clicking.


InVision’s hotspot hitting – clients know where to click


Below you can preview the  recorded video from Adobe XD.

You can view the prototype here.

InVision recently acquired Silver Flows, a tool that enables to prototype directly inside Sketch. It is still not available, but when released it will be for sure a huge competitor to Adobe. In my current workflow it’s difficult to replace InVision with Adobe XD. Invision’s automatic sync together with Dropbox makes everything much easier when I need to update the designs.

Adobe XD was publicly pre-released on 14th March 2016 and it’s free to download at the moment. Please don’t expect too much from it, as this is still a preview version.

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